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  • Daily Emailer of Topical Cases Freshly Handed Down:

       - Concise case summaries with links to full judgments

       - Latest legal news and updates section

       - Arrives at 6 am each weekday

       - Smartphone-friendly format.


  • Three Carefully Selected Cases a Day

       - Chosen for legal interest and practical guidance

       - Adds up to 60 useful cases a month

       - Putting the litigation odds in your favour

       - Daily podcast of the case summaries.

  • Custom Case Law Alerts

       - Choose from 48 legal topics in your fields of interest

       - Receive alerts on these cases when released by the courts

       - Tailored and real-time reporting

       - Alert includes link to full judgment and key extract

       - Enables rapid assessment of relevance.

         * See the full list of 48 topics here:  Custom Topics List


     Discounts for multiple members from the same firm,

     group or company - ask about our bulk deals.


     Please email to order.

     Candidate attorneys, pupils and law students:

      We provide this service at very low special rates so that        you can take advantage of all three features. 

      Email Soyeon to find out more.

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Note in particular 3.5 of the terms of use.

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