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          * Clear and well-written judgment

          * Useful to the wider legal community

          * Contributes to the index topics and sub-topics.



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Note in particular 3.5 of the terms of use.

Legal Practitioners and Case Law

I do expect counsel and attorneys to read the law reports as they are published, as they may have a vital impact on litigation with which they are busy. Counsel should be up to date with recent authorities in their field of practice and authority that relates to the subject matter at hand when they appear in court.

FABRICIUS J          Multi-links Telecommunications Ltd v Africa Prepaid [2013] ZAGPPHC 261

This is not acceptable. Because I was a member of the court in American Flag plc v Great African T-Shirt Corp (. . .), I was aware of the decision. Had I not known of it, counsel’s ignorance of its existence and failure to bring it to my attention could have misled me.

WUNSH J                Ex parte Hay Management Consultants [2000] 2 All SA 592 (W)

It is quite essential for advocates, who hold themselves out as competent to practise in a particular field, to bring and keep

themselves up to date with recent authority in their field. (. . .)

If this is not done, judges may be getting the answer wrong through the default of the advocates appearing before them.

BROOKE LJ           Copeland v Smith (2000) 1 All ER 457 (CA)

3. Legal practitioners, candidate legal practitioners and juristic entities shall -

(. . .)

3.13  remain reasonably abreast of legal developments, applicable laws and regulations, legal theory and the common law,

          and legal practice in the fields in which they practise;

Legal Practice Council - Code of Conduct