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Soyeon Podbielski

Selecting, summarizing and packaging 14 cases a day requires a super-charged system. Soyeon has built highly efficient data and content processing systems, applying the Korean industry culture of speed, accuracy and service. “Louis and Preneshan are two of the top law reports editors in Africa, so every minute of their time and work produces great content for our subscribers. Our custom systems mean that no work is ever duplicated and no time is ever wasted. At Spartan Caselaw we have totally banned meetings, PowerPoints, Excel budget files and any other corporate hamster-wheel distractions. Case law is our passion and we don’t let anything get in the way of producing premium content for our customers every day.”

Preneshan Pillay

Preneshan lives and breathes case law and focuses on writing FIRAC headnotes and flynotes for judgments, selected daily for publication at Spartan Caselaw, on all topics. He has a rare talent of identifying the core issues and setting them out in concise, accurate and coherent summaries. At LexisNexis he was the custodian of the Legal Citator and compiled the case annotations and colour signals in the Citator algorithms for the All SA, Constitutional Law Reports, Labour Law Reports and Competition Law Reports, maintaining the highest standard of quality for the case law matrix. He was an editor on:

* Criminal Index 1910-2018 * Quantum-Non-patrimonial Loss * Pension law reports * Competition law reports * Judgments Online. Preneshan has also done legislation and compliance editorial work for LexisNexis GRC and was a co-author of the LexisNexis Think-Tank paper for Law & Policy Forecasting - “The Future of Reputation”.


Louis Podbielski

Unmatched in law reporting experience. Louis spent 10 years at Juta's law reports and was the Managing Editor when he was headhunted by LexisNexis to be their Case Law Content Manager. For four years there, he was immersed in cutting-edge technology and innovative products, while closely interacting with the legal community. He has in-depth and hands-on experience of publishing case law in both print and electronic formats and has worked with a wide variety of search and content-delivery platforms. He has also travelled to other African countries and has worked in publishing their law reports. Louis has put all his experience, learnings and passion for law reports into Spartan Caselaw, which is unrivalled in speed and breadth of case law reporting.

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